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Roller Coaster Manufacturers

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Roller coaster ride is a very fun and popular amusement machine. In fact, it is a kinda exciting amusement equipment. Roller coaster ride is suitable for young persons, and it is not proper for the elderly. It has a very wide range of applications. For example, we can use it outdoors and indoors, such as amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, shopping malls, schools, gardens, etc. Generally, there is a large quantity of roller coaster manufacturers all over the world. How to choose a reliable one is highly important to your projects.

Roller Coaster Manufacturers
fun roller coaster amusement ride

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Multiple-types of Roller Coaster Rides for Sale Online

There are commonly two main types of roller coasters, steel roller coaster, and wooden roller coaster. To begin with, the roller coaster is commonly used wood as the material. And then in 1959, Disneyland introduced a design breakthrough with Matterhorn Bobsleds, this is the first roller coaster used steel as a material. Different from wooden roller coasters, tubular steel rail can be bent in any direction, allowing designers to incorporate loops and many other operations into the designs. Nowadays, steel roller coaster is more and more popular. Roller coaster for sale from the Qiangli factory has various types, 3 ring roller coaster, 4 ring roller coaster, 5 ring roller coaster, 6 ring roller coaster, wacky worm coaster ride, dragon roller coaster, etc. Besides, custom service is supported to meet all your requirements.

Roller Coaster Manufacturers
mini shuttle kiddie roller coaster ride

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Roller Coaster Manufacturers Around the World

There are so many roller coaster manufacturers around the globe. But a few of them are quite professional and reliable enough. We have to say buy coaster rides from these suppliers make us reassuring. Here are some strong roller coaster companies around the world.

  1. Intamin. As a worldwide leading supplier of amusement attractions and rides, INTAMIN has built the most comprehensive portfolio of roller coasters, ranging from family coaster rides to the most thrilling LSM-powered people accelerators. Besides, they have branches in Germany, China, Switzerland, Japan, etc.
  2. Qiangli Rides. One of the most professional roller coaster manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers, providing full range types of roller coasters with high quality and fast delivery. Besides, Qiangli Rides has extremely excellent after-sales service.
  3. Mack Rides. Mack started as a small carriage workshop has grown into a modern, family-owned ride production. Using innovative technology and customer-oriented ride construction, MACK Rides has always influenced the world of theme park rides.

Of course, there are some other gorgeous roller coaster manufacturers. Want to know more? Contact us today.

Roller Coaster Manufacturers
wacky worm small roller coaster

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Features of Qiangli Roller Coaster Ride

  1. Simple structure, easy to install, operate, and maintain
  2. New design, beautiful appearance, LED lights, sweet songs
  3. Durable material, advanced equipment, long service life
  4. Good performance, no noise
  5. Smooth starting and ending
  6. Custom service to meet all your unique requirements
  7. Rich products, fast delivery
  8. Various types, parameters and configurations for you to choose

Applications of Qiangli Roller Coaster Ride

Roller coaster ride is very popular, especially for young people. We can easily find it in various places. Qiangli roller coaster for sale with various parameters and configurations. Different roller coaster rides have different applications. For example, mini roller coasters can be used in amusement parks, gardens, malls, etc. With small size and affordable price, mini roller coasters are quite flexible and popular. Besides, big roller coasters are usually installed in large amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, funfairs, etc. They have a powerful capacity and long service life. However, the cost of a large roller coaster is much higher than a small one. In short, they have different features and advantages. You should purchase a roller coaster ride according to your actual situation.

What is the price of a roller coaster?

Roller coaster prices are vitally different according to different parameters and configurations. In a matter of fact, the cost of a roller coaster is closely related to so many factors like transportation cost, material fee, coaster types, etc. As a strong roller coaster manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler, we have a large-scale factory. And we have highly skilled staff to make sure the high quality, good performance, and fast delivery of our products. For a lake of space, we could not put them all here. If you want to get a free price list, email us or leave your message below. We will answer you soon.

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