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How many gondolas are on the Ferris wheel

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When I see a Ferris wheel, I habitually count the number of gondolas. Were you under any such conditions? I believe many people say yes. So how many gondolas are on a Ferris wheel? As for this question, we provide different answers in accordance with different sizes, parameters, and configurations of Ferris wheel amusement rides. As one of the leading Ferris wheel manufacturers in China, we have very rich experience in the design, research, manufacture, and sale of Ferris wheel rides. There is a detailed description of this question.

How many gondolas are on the Ferris wheel
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There are 10 types of large Ferris wheel rides and 3 kinds of small Ferris wheel gondola parameters available here.

Large Ferris Wheel(20-120M)

SizeGondolas Persons
20M Ferris Wheel 12 Gondolas 4 Persons
30M Ferris Wheel 18 Gondolas 4 Persons
42M Ferris Wheel 24 Gondolas 4 Persons
50M Ferris Wheel 32 Gondolas 4 Persons
65M Ferris Wheel 36 Gondolas 6 Persons
72M Ferris Wheel 48 Gondolas 4 Persons
88M Ferris Wheel 54 Gondolas 6 Persons
104M Ferris Wheel 60 Gondolas 6 Persons
112M Ferris Wheel 68 Gondolas 6 Persons
120M Ferris Wheel 60 Gondolas 6 Persons

Small Ferris Wheel (6-15M)

6M Ferris Wheel5 Gondolas 2 Persons
8M Ferris Wheel6 Gondolas 2 Persons
15M Ferris Wheel8 Gondolas 2 Persons

Therefore, different Ferris wheel rides have different gondolas. This is determined by its height, size, and needs of customers. Small Ferris wheel rides are designed and manufactured for kids, it has a small size and covers little places, and it usually has several gondolas. Mini Ferris wheel can be applied in the amusement parks or backyards. While giant Ferris wheel rides are designed and produced for children and adults. It has a very big size and it is commonly used in large amusement parks, theme parks, and fairgrounds, etc.

Actually, different Ferris wheel rides have different features and advantages. When you plan to invest a Ferris wheel set, there are many things you need to take into account, such as court size, budget, wheel size, height, material, and manufacturer, etc. Only in this way, it can continue to operate safely and benefit your business. We are Zhengzhou Qiangli Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd, a professional one-stop amusement rides service provider. There are various types of Ferris wheel rides with the best price. Want to buy one to benefit your project? Leave us your requirements, we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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