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How Is a Roller Coaster Built

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A roller coaster is a very popular and modern amusement park ride. It is a kind of amusement machine where passengers sit in a series of wheeled cars that are linked together. The car moves along a pair of tracks supported by a steel or wooden structure. In operation, the cars are hoisted up a steep slope by a chain. When the cars reach the top of the hill, they detach from the chain and are pushed downward by gravity through a series of drops, climbs, and turns. Finally, the car brakes at the starting point, passengers get off and new passengers get on. Roller coasters are considered by many to be the most exciting ride in the amusement park.

How Is a Roller Coaster Built
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What is a roller coaster?

A roller coaster is a type of amusement ride that takes the form of an elevated rail track with sharp turns, steep slopes, and sometimes the reverse. There are various types of roller coaster rides, such as wacky worm roller coaster, wild mouse roller coaster, dragon roller coaster, etc. The track of a roller coaster is not necessarily designed as a complete circuit like a shuttle roller coaster. Most roller coasters have multiple cars for passengers to sit. Nowadays, we can easily find a roller coaster in the amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, funfairs, and gardens, etc. It is so modern and popular around the world.

How Is a Roller Coaster Built
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The History of a Roller Coaster

The origins of roller coasters may date back to Russia in the 15th century when sledding was a popular winter activity. Visitors from France saw the rides, which they called the Russian mountains, and took the idea back. In 1804, the first roller coaster was invented in Paris, and the roller coaster craze spread rapidly throughout France. As the rides became more popular, operators raced to build more exciting rides and faster to attract the public. The development of roller coasters peaked in the 1920s when more than 1500 wooden roller coasters operated in the United States. The economic difficulties of the 1930s and wartime shortages of the 1940s ended the era. It is estimated that by the end of the 1990s, more than 200 major roller coasters were operating in the United States, and each year more were added.

How Is a Roller Coaster Built
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Wooden Roller Coaster & Steel Roller Coaster

In accordance with raw materials, roller coasters can be divided into wooden roller coasters and steel roller coasters. Wooden coaster rides adopt a large number of wooden structures to support the track. The wood is commonly a construction grade such as southern yellow pine or Douglas fir, and they are painted to prevent deterioration. Steel coasters use thin and hard structures to support the track. All exposed steel surfaces are painted to make sure of the long service life. At present, more and more roller coasters use steel as material due to high safety and good performance.


The roller coaster design is the first and most important part of the production process. Because each roller coaster is designed to meet the unique requirements of customers. Every detail must be designed literally from the ground up. First of all, designers must consider what kind of riders will use the roller coaster. For example, if the coaster is designed for small kids, the speed will be relatively slow, the curves and hills will be gentle. Next, roller coaster designers must then consider the space available for the ride. Both ground space and air space. Thirdly, designers need to draw a lot of techniques to provide a memorable ride. Thus, it can bring an unforgettable experience for passengers. A good design is a prerequisite for safety and high performance.

Quality Control

The design and manufacturing of a roller coaster are covered by lots of governmental safety rules. The materials employed must fit certain strength demands. And the finished roller coasters must be thoroughly inspected strictly every day. Before it was opened to the public, the cabins were filled with heavy sandbags, and several lines were used to make sure everything was running smoothly.  

The Roller Coaster Future

The current trend to longer, higher, and faster coasters will perhaps become popular in coming days. This is actually true now that roller coasters are hot in Europe, Asia, and many other places. Meanwhile, coaster designers will be looking for new ways to give passengers a safe and thrill experience.

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