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  • 242020-06

    Amusement Ride Safety Considerations It is so significant for every operator, or attendant to learn the ride operation manual enough before they undertake the operation of any amusement ride.    The ride operation manual is quite important to the safe operation of amusement rides and includes emergency instructions, daily checklists, hand signals, lock-out procedures, and other specific operating instructions. […]

  • 232020-06

    Top 5 Most Exciting Roller Coasters Ride in Asia The five tallest and most exciting roller coasters in Asia are from the continent: one from China and 4 of them from Japan. Steel dragon 2000, Asia`s tallest roller coaster, with a height of 318 feet. It is the world`s fifth tallest roller coaster. Besides, it is the third fastest one in Asia, and it […]

  • 162020-06

    Top 4 Main Factors for Amusement Park Accidents With the nice weather coming, more and more people would like to go to amusement parks with kids, parents, or friends. Amusement parks or theme parks are very suitable places for families or friends to communicate and have fun. Besides, they are good entertainment places for people of all ages. But the danger they facing […]

  • 302020-05

    Ferris Wheel Gondolas Ferris wheel gondolas are quite an important part of a Ferris wheel set. Qiangli Ferris wheel gondolas for sale with novel design, beautiful appearance, and high performance. Ferris wheel gondolas or Ferris wheel seats have various types in the Qiangli factory for your requirements. Firstly, we design and manufacture Ferris wheel gondolas for various capacities, […]

  • 082020-05

    How to make more profit for your amusement park Why does an amusement park of the same size make more money than you? You might say, well, he’s in a good location, his rides are newer. So, in addition to these external factors, have you considered the internal factors? No matter what kind of park, it is not an easy thing to operate strong […]

  • 302020-04

    How Is a Roller Coaster Built A roller coaster is a very popular and modern amusement park ride. It is a kind of amusement machine where passengers sit in a series of wheeled cars that are linked together. The car moves along a pair of tracks supported by a steel or wooden structure. In operation, the cars are hoisted up a […]

  • 222020-04

    History of a Carousel or Merry go Round A carousel or merry go round is an extremely popular amusement ride with a long history. It is a kind of amusement equipment consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats for passengers. The seats are usually in the forms of rows of wooden horses or other animals like elephants, pigs, dragons, zebras, etc. Nowadays, […]

  • 102020-04

    Roller Coaster Manufacturers Roller coaster ride is a very fun and popular amusement machine. In fact, it is a kinda exciting amusement equipment. Roller coaster ride is suitable for young persons, and it is not proper for the elderly. It has a very wide range of applications. For example, we can use it outdoors and indoors, such as […]

  • 012020-04

    Difference Between Track Train and Trackless Train Train ride is a very popular and modern amusement equipment for kids and adults. There are two main basic types of train rides, track train ride and trackless train ride. Therefore, what is the difference between a track train ride and a trackless train ride? Here are the details about the features, structures, and applications […]

  • 082020-01

    How many gondolas are on the Ferris wheel When I see a Ferris wheel, I habitually count the number of gondolas. Were you under any such conditions? I believe many people say yes. So how many gondolas are on a Ferris wheel? As for this question, we provide different answers in accordance with different sizes, parameters, and configurations of Ferris wheel amusement rides. […]