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Trackless Train Ride for Sale in Australia


Recently, we have successfully exported Thomas trackless train rides to Australia. Before the deal, we have communicated with the client for months. Now, his amusement park will be open. And he has already received our product. We firmly believe that this Thomas train ride can greatly benefit his project. Features of Qiangli Trackless Train Ride […]

Affordable Amusement Rides Exported to Uzbekistan


Customer information: Uzbekistan customer Project context: The era of the Internet amusement equipment sales also have new channels, strong amusement through overseas station platform with also began to increase in overseas markets, through online communication customers for our amusement equipment have a more clear understanding, and even has personally come to our factory for more information. Amusement […]

Amusement Park Rides Shipped to Egypt


Customer information: Egyptian amusement park Project information: The customer is an amusement park owner in Egypt. He wanted to buy a great variety of amusement park rides for his park. After the client visited our factory in person, they are very satisfied with our excellent products and strong capability. Therefore, they have ordered a variety […]

Excellent Ferris wheel successfully delivered to Pakistan


Last month, we successfully exported a wonderful large Ferris wheel to Pakistan. After had received the order of the client, we have finished the excellent Ferris wheel within 40 days. And then we deliveried the product to Pakistan port as fast as we can. By the way, this is a luxurious Ferris wheel that equipped […]

49 Meters Ferris wheel Shipped to Mexica


Last month, we successfully exported a 49 meters Ferris wheel to Mexico. The customer is the manager of a large amusement park. We have talked before at a fair. And we have impressive and wonderful cooperation. 49 meters Ferris wheel for sale parameters Total Height: 49mRotation Diameter: 45mRated Power: 25KWArea: 35*32mNumber of cabins: 32Capacity of cabin: 4Total:128 personsRated Voltage: 380vCabin type: round cabin […]

Fruit Worm Roller Coaster Shipped to Nigeria


In the year 2018, we have successfully exported one fruit worm roller coaster to Nigeria. After receiving the order of the customer, we have been communicating for a month. Finally, He chose this fruit worm roller coaster ride for his amusement parks. After one month, we finished the product. And then we delivered the excellent […]

Mini Swing Ride Shipped to Nigeria


On July 25, 2019, we successfully shipped our mini swing rides to Nigeria. After only communicated with us for about 10 days, the client ordered one mini swing ride from us. After that, we kept in touch more often. And we established a stable friendship just like China and Africa.

Trackless Train Rides Exported to Singapore


Trackless train ride is actually a hot and popular amusement ride. It can installed indoors and outdoors, such as amusement parks, malls, shopping centers, carnivals, and theme parks, etc. Last month, we successfully exported 2 set trackless train rides to Singapore. We communicated with our customers at every step of the design and production process. […]

Bumper Cars Shipped to Indonesia


This year, a friendly Indonesia client purchased 12 set inflatable bumper cars from us. As soon as we received an email from the customer, our sales manager replied to him. And then we sent the client detailed information about our company and bumper cars. After a time, the customer told us he wants to visit […]